I'm not sure if it's something in the air over here, but many times I find a real family feeling flowing through the veins of writers in the Midwest. It's an outlet, I think, for the too-often failing attempts at industries and factories, lifestyles and crops in the area. Maybe it's like that everywhere, but there is a color to this air.

That's pretty much the point of GLR. Really. It's not that we think we're the best, or the brightest, or the best at shuffleboard. It's the flavor to the words that we're addicted to, and we're proud of that flavor. That attitude. We're punks, man. We have cornfields and rivers and factories, and that's poetry to us. It's the stuff of art and gut feelings. Welcome to the Midwest.
7/15/2011 04:33:04 am

YES. it is absolutely an outlet for the failing everything, built into michigan's history. absolutely. i cannot wait to send you some of my work, and i am loving what you've got posted thus far.

7/14/2012 02:42:47 am

Nice one info, thanks


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